The Weekly News

The Weekly News

Raw and Uncut:

Emotions that I have been feeling lately-

Happy- The past week has been a great one. I’ve been extremely busy with adventures and activities; so busy that I haven’t had time to be plagued with a lot of inner struggle. Friends are good. Family is good. Life has been good. Working to see every day as one worth living.

Conflicted- Despite feeling good about where everything is in my life, I can’t shake the feeling of uneasiness. I have so many questions that I want answered, I want so many things to happen, I am constantly consumed by my own thoughts to the point where I lose track of the outside world.

Lost- Even with an incredible support system, I always feel like I’m wandering in the dark without a flashlight. This feeling has been escalated by the end of college nearing. I’m the type of person who needs purpose to function. I need a plan, I need a path to take. Ever since my sister passed away, I have been struggling with figuring out my next move. I don’t know what the next chapter in my life is going to be.

Excited- The opportunities that we are given in today’s society are incredible. Every morning, I try to submerge myself in successful people. Once I begin to think of what the future may hold, I become immobilized by excitement. The possibilities are endless.

Overwhelmed- Growing up comes with a lot of responsibilities. In a lot of instances, they are thrown on you extremely fast. I don’t do well with handling a barrage of “life”, I get overwhelmed easily and anxiety is tough to break once you fall under its spell. I’m focusing on working towards peace of mind in everything that I do. I want to enjoy life, not fear it.

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  1. Josh you are doing great! Keep focused….Our lives are always filled with uneasiness….What if??? What if? It can drive you crazy; however , remember Christ is in your heart, and He will lead you….for sure He will..Yes you wil have struggles, but He is always there to pick you up during the difficult times and lead you on. I love you babe!!!

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