The College Menu

The College Menu

Grace’s Declassified School Survival Guide

#8 Don’t Forget to Feed Your Body

Its cliché but nourishing your body to learn really does make a difference. School can get busy, along with the rest of life. But don’t forget that your health needs attention as well. Your brain doesn’t function at its finest if its preoccupied with restlessness or hunger. So, to keep your body feed is really important.

I should point out though that Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Poptarts will only go so far. You’ll want to make sure you’re keeping fruits, protein, veggies, and water incorporated too. Don’t get me wrong, I understand “healthy foods” tend to be more expensive and us students are on a “college budget”. But proteins, veggies, etc. don’t have to be so money sucking. Simply eating a hamburger from McDonald’s or salad from Chick-fila is enough.

You can eat at:
i. Food places available on campus
ii. The cafeteria on campus
iii. Nearby stores
iv. Your own house/room etc.

If you go to a community college, my favorite way is to just prepare food the night before at my house. This way is cheaper and can be healthier too.

If you go to an on-campus college, I suggest taking advantage of their cafeteria by maximizing what you get for their fee if possible. Otherwise I would opt for store trips and then using your neighbor’s refrigerator, haha. Obviously going to food places on campus or nearby is no problem at all, but if avoidable I highly recommend. The reason I say this is because the price to go out to eat may be cheap for one visit, but when multiplied the money racks up quick!

All and all, just eat food 😊

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