Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Wow. I feel like a new man.

Today marks the first day of the revival challenge and boy, am I excited. From here on out, I will be completing different 21 day challenges designed to foster self discovery. Each challenge will put my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional limits to the test. My first challenge: going to the gym every day for 21 days. My goal is to develop a more positive image of myself. I want to feel healthy and look fit.

Even after one day, I’ve discovered that learning to live your life without paying mind to how others perceive you is one of the most exhilarating and freeing things you can ever do.

After coming back from the workout, I decided to go about establishing a new morning routine. Workout-> shower (need to have music blasting while attempting to sing along)-> breakfast-> scripture reading-> meditation-> on to the day. My goal is to never again stumble out of bed, groggily take a quick shower, and rush to class without breakfast. (I never thought I would say this but by changing my routine I actually enjoy mornings *insert embarrassed monkey emoji face here*)

Other thoughts of the day include:

There is something special about starting your day with a smile. I left for class genuinely excited for what the rest of the day had in store. I was giddy with excitement and felt confident enough to take on the world. All of this resulted from a small change in my mindset.

A good friend of mine always says, “It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey it takes to get there.” He’s right and I’m starting to understand why. Sometimes we get too caught up in where we are going and forget to experience what life has to offer. That’s why I trust that wherever this life takes me, it’s in the right direction. I’m just along for the ride.

More to come.


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