I Made a Mistake

I Made a Mistake

Recently my brother Josh and I had an eye-opening conversation regarding respect for our parents. Now don’t misconstrue, I am a very well behaved and respectful child, and love my parents immensely. But I made a mistake recently and struggled to come to terms with why what I did was so wrong.

And so, Josh asked me the other day if I had any rules for people when they get in my car. Which I replied yes, everyone who gets in my car:
- must wear a seatbelt
- smoking cigarettes is prohibited
- and drugs/alcohol are not allowed.

Then further into the conversation things got a little heated. As Josh continued to question how I would feel or what I would do if someone did not follow my rules, I became quite frustrated. Because to me my rules weren’t harsh, if anything they were logical. And if someone was to not follow these simple guidelines I would feel extremely disrespected. Because I paid for my car. I pay for Sullivan’s gas, insurance, repairs, the whole shebang; and I expect respect from those who get into my vehicle.

So, here’s the issue: When dealing with parents, specifically mine, there are rules. Which hey, I’m supposed to be thankful for, right? And so, for I, as their daughter, to not follow simply one rule would be quite detrimental.

Therefore, the parallel Josh and I concluded was, if someone was to break one of the rules my parents have set, it would be just as similar to someone lighting a cigarette in my car. Furthermore, having the person blow the smoke right into my face. Now that is disrespect. And when comparing the two, I can provide more of an empathetic outlook on what my parents experience when I disobey their rules.

Moral of the story is, always respect those around you, and especially your parents. They have worked hard to put a roof over your head, food on your table, and to deal with your stinky butt for however many years (; And don’t forget that respect is a two-way street! We tend to get wrapped up in our own opinions and rules when we still need to respect the opinions and rules of those around us too.


More mistakes and lessons coming soon 😉 ,



4 thoughts on “I Made a Mistake

  1. Dear Grace,
    Growing up at times I didn’t understand the rules either. I felt like it was coming from a bad place. Like they didn’t like me, or trust the choices I was making. What I learned was the rules were coming from a good place. A place of wisdom and love. None of us are perfect and we never will be. But the important thing is that we respect our parents and ourselves and keep striving to do better. Not perfect. Love you lots!!

    1. Yes, I agree Aunt JoJo! Although at times its hard to understand their perspective, I understand it is from a place of love. Thank you:)

  2. Nicely written, Gracie!
    I remember Grammy saying when I was a teenager that she was glad she wasn’t growing up in my time! I think every parent thinks feels that way. We all worry about how tough it is for our kids to grow up and we also have memories of mistakes we’ve made that we hope to spare our children from. It’s great that you realize that their rules are based in a great love! Love you!

    1. Yes it is quite a different era, and no one wants anyone to make a mistake they’ve already been through, I totally agree! Thanks Aunt Margret:)

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