How to Love Unconditionally

How to Love Unconditionally

In the wise words of Eminem, “Guess who’s back, back again.” I sing this because after a week of time away from my laptop, I am finally back. Today’s story: learning how to love unconditionally with special guest star, “ridding judgment from your life”. This topic has been running around my mind recently; specifically since my last out-of-state trip.

I just got back from a national sales competition in Atlanta where I was able to proudly represent my school in various sales role-play challenges. The entire experience was a blast and I can’t thank my school enough for providing the opportunity. As great as everything was, I found something dark and grotesque lurking inside of me. This revolting creature was the embodiment of judgment.

Now, judgment is something that we all struggle with. Its slimy tentacles wrap up our emotions until we embrace a negative and degrading mindset to others. Once ensnared, we become unable to see others as equals and consider ourselves better in every way. I am ashamed to admit that I am influenced by this creature more often than not.

Because I was not familiar with my fellow peers and the salespeople who I talked to in Atlanta, I found myself silently and harshly criticizing everyone for their imperfections. It was scary how easy it was to classify people as “less than myself” just because of their comments or looks. The more time I invested into thinking negatively of others, the less fun and enjoyment I received from the trip.

Looking back, I can say that I definitely needed the trip. It dared me to take a look in the mirror and decide if I could really love others unconditionally. It challenged me to grow as an individual. After enough time of reflecting, I was able to see myself as equals to everyone at the competition. They were the same as me: people struggling to find purpose and meaning in their actions.

Loving others unconditionally is easy to say but not easy to show.

We all have an innate desire to be loved and to love others. Unfortunately, our pride and biases are quick to jump in the way. The goal is to accept that we are all made differently; to understand that we all have our own paths to travel.

When you actually begin to love others unconditionally, you are able to look past their imperfections and faults. You are able to see that everyone has different experiences in life that shape them into who they are. You are able to see that most people act in ways that mask their insecurities and sadness.

When you begin to see yourself as equal to everyone around you, you are able to truly say that you are on the right path to loving unconditionally. Love is the only thing that can eradicate the creature of judgment.

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