Get Your Foot In The Door

Get Your Foot In The Door

Grace's Declassified School Survival Guide

#10 Networking

If there is anything you need in life besides food and water, it’s the ability to network. You would be surprised how far you can get in life without meeting all the timely requirements. Though you can’t beat around corners for everything imaginable, there are a lot more resources in life that we could easily take advantage of. Especially in a school or work environments, maximizing your social connections helps in so many ways. Networking = how to get your foot in the door. Keep track of those who are hierarchy in subject that interest you. Make as many connections as possible.

It’s a big world, yet small in theory.

The brother or best friend of the boss at a corporation you’re dying to work for could coincidentally be in your morning class, or at the coffee shop down the street. And once you make that connection to one jo-shmo, they’ll connect you to another, and another, and another, and next thing you know you’re offered an amazing opportunity.

Also take advantage of your classmates, some will be so incredible at what they do, you could have them help you with entrepreneur ideas. For example, maybe you want to make a website and your roommate could be amazing at graphic design and they could help you. Or maybe you want to make music, and that girl you met in class, her dad owns a music studio. The possibilities are endless, and networking helps connect all of that.

Lastly, though networking is easy to start, be sure to keep up with it! I got involved with the organization last fall that had a lot of connections to higher outsiders and things were going well, I was learning a lot and talking to a variety of successful people. But the mistake I made was the fact I stopped keeping up with it. I slowly drifted off, and wasn’t making time to be involved. So, from one human to another, life does gets busy, but don’t cloud yourself from connections that will help immensely.

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