Diary of a Tired Human

Diary of a Tired Human

There is a quiet knock at the door. My vision struggles to focus as my eyes slowly open. A quick look around tells me that the sun has yet to rise. I turn my head to see the bright green numbers 5:32 flash upon my alarm clock. Oh, it’s morning. The door to my room opens and my dad’s head peeks inside.

“Time to get up. Let’s roll.”

I barely have time to groan before my jumbled thoughts become coherent. I had told my dad that I would go to his Master’s swim practice the night before. This was my wake up call.

As I roll out of bed and stumble around my room looking for a t-shirt, my mind begins to wander. Why again did I agree to do this? Where is my bag? Why is the song Hot N Cold by Katy Perry playing in my head?

Once all the life-threatening questions were answered, I ventured outside my room. An exhausting workout was waiting.

I wrote this short snippet after a morning swim practice last week.

My dad had been asking me to come with him ever since I came home from college. I usually don’t turn down some aquatic free time (for those of you who don’t know, I consider myself part fish), but my bed seems more attractive then getting up before my mom’s first cup of coffee (now that’s early). You know, sleep is life.

However, after the initial shock of waking up when my body is screaming at me to grab a pillow and curl up somewhere, I’ve rediscovered the peace of an early morning workout.

There is something special about waking up early. It gives me time to clear my head and collect my thoughts before the craziness of the day begins. It allows me to create and enjoy an extravagant breakfast. It gifts me some alone time. Best of all, waking up early to go swim with my dad gives me invaluable time with him. It has definitely shown me the importance of relationships in our lives.

We can’t forget what’s most valuable in our day to day struggle.

One thought on “Diary of a Tired Human

  1. Love this, Josh! I’m sure your Dad was thrilled to have you with him! Love to you all!

    Aunt Grit 🙂

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