Dave Made A Maze

Dave Made A Maze

Last week, I watched the movie “Dave Made a Maze”. And Loved It. (Capitalization added for greater effect)

Nowadays, movies have a hard time being original. It’s tough to find anything worth watching that isn’t a remake or a sequel. (That’s my humble opinion, please don’t hurt me)

But not this movie.

“Dave Made a Maze” is a breath of fresh air. Its creativity and uniqueness are captivating while its commitment to its own absurdity is flawless.

While you can say what you want about the low production quality and script, the most important thing to me was the fact that this movie made me feel like a kid again. I was able to let my imagination run wild and think back to when life was much simpler.

For the full 1 hr and 20 min run time, I was engrossed. I forgot about the pressures of college and adulting and depression and everything stressful in my life.

To me, that’s real entertainment.

For those of you who don’t know the plot, I’ll try and sum it up briefly. The movie is about the main character, Dave, making a maze…simple enough?

The beauty is that he builds the entire thing out of cardboard in the middle of his girlfriend’s living room. While it looks like a small fort of cardboard boxes, the maze actually goes on forever inside (kind of like Hermione’s purse from Harry Potter). The characters dive inside only to find themselves trapped in an endless maze filled with creatures and fascination.

Just go watch the trailer now and then come back; I’ve got time to wait.


What did you think?

Wait, you haven’t watched it yet? Seriously, you have to go check it out. Come back when you’re finished!


Alright, does the movie make sense now? Let’s continue.

The main reason why I am writing about this movie is because of one scene in particular. It perfectly captured the symbolism that the movie was about.

The main character, Dave, is being followed around by a camera crew (it’ll make sense if you watch the movie) and they sit down for an interview. They ask Dave why he built the maze.

To paraphrase, he says that he built the maze because he wanted to MAKE something; that he wanted to FINISH something; that he wanted for once in his life to have something that he could be proud of and be known for.

He talked about how bouncing from one crappy job to next, being broke and just going through the motions in life completely stifled his creativity and left him feeling worthless.

What Dave was talking about is something that we all can relate to. It’s the fear of losing purpose or not being happy that blinds our actions and dampens our motivation.

So many people graduating today are left with no money, no road map, and nothing to call their own. Their relationships, dreams, and convictions are all surface level. And it isn’t until the “real world” hits that they realize their predicament.

The movie “Dave Made a Maze” made me ask myself some important questions: When was the last time I created something bigger than myself? When was the last time I genuinely put my heart and soul into a project? When was the last time I had something to show for my life?

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