Congrats Buddy

Congrats Buddy

I had a conversation with my younger brother, Andrew, a couple days ago and it’s been lingering in my brain since. Most talks between us are briefly humorous and/or scarce. Andrew is a hilarious, sensitive, and incredibly smart 14-year-old.

He was telling me about his grades in school (he’s in 8th grade). He started going through all his classes telling me each grade percentage followed by an explanation for why it’s not 100%. Which would be understandable for me back in middle school, because with D’s or C’s an explanation was required, haha. But for him, every overall grade was an A, yet he continued to defend his high-90 percentages. (which hold up, aside from my brothers, I somehow got chipped on this ‘straight-A student’ trait haha)

And then in a distraught and dramatic manner, he states, “my lowest grade is a 94%” … okay okay, pause… 94% … that’s his lowest? This must be a cruel joke, because at this point I’m just jealous, haha.

So, then he begins to explain what he missed points on in the class to receive this ‘unacceptable’ 94%. And get this, the students get graded on if they put their last name on their paper or not; legitimately just their last name. And so, he explains he only put his first name on some assignments; which is how he lost those 6 precious percentages.

Which lets just take a moment to realize this means exactly two things. One: That is the easiest point you could ever receive. And Two: That is the stupidest point I’ve ever heard of. But hey, congrats to 94% buddy. I wish college gave free points for writing my full name, enjoy it while it lasts!

All and all though, I’m proud he’s taking his grades seriously, because school is indeed important. We all excel in different ways, and I’m glad that he finds happiness and comfort within learning and succeeding. I strongly encourage everyone to find something positive and meaningful that helps you move up in life. Something that challenges you for the better. For Andrew, its being that ‘crazy school wiz’ 😉

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