Change Up Your Routine

Change Up Your Routine

The Journey Ahead

I’ve recently discovered a life-changing piece of advice: change up your routine. It has done wonders for my life and I know that it will impact yours as well.

Changing routine is necessary and extremely important for people who struggle with depression and anxiety. This is because negative emotions will continue to pile up until they are too much to bear. The emotions then create a routine centered on them. The routine created is what turns our emotions into realities.

For me, my bedroom is a black hole. It’s my go to place to be alone. After a lot of time reflecting, I’ve realized that my bedroom escalates my feelings. When I’m in my room, it’s easy to sleep. When I’m in my room, it’s easy to lose myself in Netflix. When I’m in my room, it’s easy to not care. All of these things pile up until I find myself skipping class, canceling plans, and avoiding people in general.

In order to combat this black hole, I’ve forced myself to leave. I spend most of my time at the library on campus now. It allows me to feel productive. I always go up to the top floor, find a small nook away from people, and write. By doing so, I am unable to curl up in my bed and sleep the day away. I am unable to turn away from friends because most of them know I’m in the middle of campus.

Leaving my room has allowed me to break my previous unhealthy routine. And that’s the key: Understanding that routines are our road maps in life. We live by them and die by them. Break the cycle and give yourself freedom again.

2 thoughts on “Change Up Your Routine

  1. Very insightful. But, as a reader, I am distracted by the use of the words, ” I always”. Can one routine be traded for another? How do we know when the things we always do are inherently constructive enough to be a routine that is OK? Should we periodically take stock and change the ones that are not serving us well? Or should we change routines periodically, even ones that seem to suit some purpose, for the sake of growth?

    1. Great questions, Mary! I think that the changing of routines is up to the person. Some people need constant change in order to feel purpose while others need habit. A lot of answers to life’s biggest questions revolve the individual; however, you bring up a good point concerning growth. I would say that without the changing of routines, we cannot experience new ways of looking at life and, therefore, cannot grow as humans. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this matter!

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