A Belated Birthday Wish

A Belated Birthday Wish

A couple Saturdays ago was my mother’s birthday – Shout out to you mom! You’re an amazing woman and I’m so blessed to have you in my life 😊 – and we went tailgating at Notre Dame. Both of my parents’ sides of the family are heavily affiliated with Notre Dame and one of my aunts and uncles always throw huge tailgating parties on campus. Many family members on my mom’s side, including extended family, joined at some point or another to visit and celebrate not only the game that night but also her birthday (side note: they won!!).

At this event I had the privilege to meet and chat with my 2nd cousins and uncles and aunts. (I think they’re considered my 2nds but we have a huge family so I honestly still don’t understand all the connections haha). And I ended up having some deep and mind opening conversations with these people. Which if they’re reading this, thank you! I cannot thank those members enough for the advice, encouragement, and wisdom that they shared with me. Not to mention all the listening ears and simple talks that I got to partake in; it really meant a lot to me!

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to talk to those extended members. What I took from those conversations will never be forgotten and my confidence and motivation have grown immensely since. I can definitely say it was a turning point for me and I give all credit to my mother. If it wasn’t for her birthday, her amazing family, her understanding towards me, or her really wanting me to get off work so we could be a family, I probably would’ve missed out.

Thank you, Mom, I love you.

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  1. Beautiful sweetheart! You have been blessed with an amazing mother!! Thanks for “getting off work” to spend the day with our family and friends tailgating!

    Love you much

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