Are We All Being Misunderstood?

Are We All Being Misunderstood?

Misunderstand. How funny of a word.

I think it’s ironic how misunderstood the word “misunderstand” is.

The definition of misunderstand is to, “fail to interpret or understand (something) correctly.” So when we misunderstand something, we fail to grasp it completely.

I like to think about the word "misunderstand" in the context of how people view one another. The truth is that we can’t understand someone’s inner self. There is a balance that can be reached, but all too often we like to assume how people are.

When it comes to how people view me, I can usually say that they misunderstand me. Most people jump to assumptions of how I am a “normal” in the sense that I have a smile on my face and can fit in with a crowd. But if they truly got to know me, they would hear about my struggles pertaining to life that have contorted my understanding of stress, anxiety, sadness, and more. By jumping to assumptions, they have misunderstood my true nature.

The ironic part is that they misunderstand their misunderstanding. Their belief that they completely understand my past, present, and future is false.

Slightly confusing, I admit, but intriguing when it comes to how people interact with each other.

We all need to understand how easy it is to jump to conclusions. The goal is to work towards creating deep, meaningful relationships with others while also respecting their perspectives.

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