Achieving Peace

Achieving Peace

Ask for help when you need it:

For too long, I tried to take on all of the challenges that life threw at me alone. This became a serious problem as my emotional, mental, and spiritual strength slowly deteriorated over time.

After looking back on my actions, there are a few reasons why I was obsessed with keeping everything to myself. Hopefully you can relate to some of these reasons.

First, I didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. In a twisted way, I convinced myself that the best way to keep everyone else happy was to hide my struggles from them. This only worked for so long since I began to seriously struggle in silence and my relationships with others began to strain. My friends and family cared about me the most, but were unable to help because I wouldn’t open up and explain to them what was going on.

Second, by choosing to keep all my emotions wrapped up inside of me, I felt empowered. Most people don’t understand how struggling with depression takes away someone’s feeling of control. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with change and lose your grasp on the world. These feelings of loss of control are especially evident after traumatic events happen without any warning. You can imagine how people’s thoughts and beliefs are shattered when their world is flipped upside down. The empowerment from keeping all of my emotions inside was temporary and fleeting. It was a quick fix that didn’t cure the central problem. After years and years of applying the band-aid of silence, my stress and anxiety levels rose to an all time high.

Third, while I was unaware of this growing up, my self-esteem and confidence levels became nonexistent. This led to an unhealthy cycle of wishing for help yet not feeling brave enough to ask for it. This is one of the hardest challenges for people to overcome because all the external support in the world barely scratches the surface when it comes to healing internal brokenness.

The bottom line is that you need to ask for help when you are struggling. You need to seek support. Silence will only create more problems down the road. Life is not easy, and, as much as society wants us to believe that everyone else has it figured out, people don’t know how to deal with the challenges it throws at them.

There is an enormous power within sharing your story. It allows other people to come together and join you on your walk through life.

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