2 Years

2 Years

Looking back:

Today marks 2 years since my sister Gabby passed away. As the years go by, the memories that we shared together burn deeper into my memory. Two years ago, I lost my best friend.

It’s amazing how quick life goes by. In the moment, we think of time as dull and sluggish, yet when we look back on our time here on earth, it feels like it all disappeared in the blink of an eye. It’s the time spent with the people closest to you that truly matters.

The pain of losing her is still present. Time has only succeeded in numbing my broken spirit. What used to come in short pangs of sharp pain now comes in the form of long strides of desperate yearning. The nightmares have been replaced by anxiety and the tears have been substituted for anger.

I can still hear her laugh. I can still picture her smile.

How do we overcome pain that penetrates the heart? How do we take one step forward when the burdens of our life threaten to collapse us? How do we go to bed each day knowing that the next morning will bring us everything we want except the one thing we desire most?

I know that Gabby’s death was for a reason. I know that her time on earth served a purpose greater than myself. I know that I have been changed for the better, and I know that other people will be changed too.

Gabby’s life inspired this blog. She is the reason behind 6Kisses. Her perspective fuels the content and her legacy fuels the passion.

I want to be a blessing in other people’s lives just as you were in mine. I want to make you proud, Gabby.

3 thoughts on “2 Years

  1. I have no doubt that she is super proud of you Josh (Grace & Andrew too)! Your sweet sister is always near and honored to still be making a difference thru this blog!

  2. Josh,
    You were blessed to be Gabby’s big brother and she loved you. You are also a wonderful big brother and roll model for Grace and Andrew. I know without a doubt you will continue to honor Gabby by making a difference in the life’s of others. Keep the faith and know that you’re loved.
    Aunt Nancy

  3. Your and Gracie’s writings always touch my heart Josh. Your blog is an amazing look at how God blesses us in ways we don’t understand, but His love carries us through. Keep on writing babe….you are touching other hearts as well.

    Love you

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